Pole Line Service Contractor

We provide pole line service, installation, repair and more to New York State and bordering areas.  With 30 years of experience in the field, we provide quality electrical service and repair to commercial and industrial properties.  We commonly service the following:

  • Parking Lots — Our parking lot lighting solutions allow commercial property owners to take care of their employees and guests by providing reliable lighting at night.
  • Utility Pole Repair—Not every electrical contractor is as qualified for utility pole repair as we are. An unqualified electrician cannot provide services of the quality we do.
  • Lighting—Lighting is a specialty of ours.  We will set poles and install lights or signs for any kind of business from parking lots to sports fields or stadiums that needs lighting.

Your commercial or residential property can benefit from our Miller and Miller pole line service. Most importantly, we have the trained staff and equipment to handle the jobs that most contractors are not able to.  Also, we can repair burnt-out wires and replace utility components that are no longer functioning correctly.

If you are looking for the best electrical services in the Hudson Valley and New York State contact us and let our team of expert pole line service contractors address your needs.

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